Don't Let Clogged Pipes Drain Your Wallet

Don't Let Clogged Pipes Drain Your Wallet

You can trust us for expert plumbing repair services in Central Point & Medford, OR

Your toilet is clogged, your shower drains too slowly or your faucet is dripping constantly-you get the idea. Plumbing problems are a nuisance for any Central Point or Medford, OR homeowner. If do-it-yourself repairs aren't working, or if you want the problem fixed fast, it's time to call in the pros.

Faucet Brothers Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing repair services, including water line repair, for homeowners throughout the Central Point, OR area. Call us at 541-840-5258 to schedule an appointment.

We can handle any plumbing repair job

Central Point and Medford, OR homeowners trust us to fix their plumbing because they know we'll do it right the first time. No plumbing repair job is too big or small. We do it all, including:

  • Installing toilets and other plumbing fixtures
  • Fixing leaky pipes and jammed garbage disposals
  • Replacing old or faulty water lines

We'll take care of all your plumbing repair needs, including water line repair work. Contact Faucet Brothers Plumbing today to get your plumbing problems fixed fast.